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This unique community is a complete permanent assembled heritage landscape dedicated to re-creation of the 12th century, the Middle Ages and early renaissance periods spanning the 3rd through the 14th centuries. Historically accurate and authentically replicated in every detail. A living history legacy to pass-on for generations to come. 

View of the raw landOverview with initial layoutGatehouse entry of of parkingVillage approachView of village and castle

Summer Festival Season is planned to be extended to multiple weeks*. *Event site planned to be open daily Friday through Tuesday with additional seasonal and daily attractions scheduled throughout the year (tentatively March through October). Seasonal vendors should contact CMF to see if space available, information, all seasonal vendors shall be juried by the Medieval World sites permanent community.

The 640 acres have been found, just 10 miles northeast of Fort Collins, CO. Become a part of the permanent community (year around 3, 6 and 9 year leasing available) and build on site (review guidelines) or select from themed building models available, and contact us now. Limited to 250 sites for permanent occupancy. Sites buildings may include living apartments (pending approval).

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I read some more into your "Medieval World" project. I don't think I realized how BIG it's actually gonna be. I can totally see taking a vacation there some time! I posted about it in my live journal & posted a bulletin about it on Myspace, trying to get you some donations. I'm buying a lot of stuff right now & saving for my annual trip to the PA Ren Faire... But once that's all done with, I'll try to drop you a few donations myself. Looks like an awesome idea. -Nick

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