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Above are a few concept drawings of what might be available for merchant selections.

Corporate Profile: Wickham Gustafson Architects, Inc.

  • Wickham Gustafson Architects, Inc is a full service architectural firm providing professional design services for development of commercial, industrial, amusement and public projects. 

  • Since its inception in 1969, the firm has participated in over 2,500 projects ranging from office buildings to shopping centers, from the development of marketing facilities for the petroleum industry to medical and dental clinics, site impact studies, ADA compliance, and renovation of federally subsidized housing. 

  • Quality, design services addressing the clients’ specific needs and requirements are our highest priority.  

  • Wickham Gustafson Architects, Inc emphasis on quality customer service and reliability has established our reputation with repeat clients for over thirty years.

  • Robert Gustafson of Wickham Gustafson, Architects is licensed in over twenty (20) state gives this firm the unique ability to advise Middle Age Productions and produce all construction documents necessary for this unique facility location in Colorado.  

  • Robert Gustafson is responsible for the overall architectural advise, development and planning of this exciting and unique Medieval World, USA project.

Contact Information:
Wickham Gustafson Architects, Fort Collins, CO 80524


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